Friday, June 14, 2013

Programmatically parse webform submissions

Here's how to retrieve a webform submission and process its submission values programmatically. We'll need two IDs. First is the webform node id (nid) and the second is the submission id (sid). You can retrieve these IDs from viewing the webform results listing. The URL is something like below:


In this case, 124 is the node id while 18 is the submission id.

Now, on to the code.

$nid = 124;
$sid = 18;

$webform = node_load($nid);
$sub = webform_get_submission($nid, $sid);

// Capture the component IDs for easier array mapping.
foreach ($webform->components as $cid => $cfield) {
  $components[$cfield['form_key']] = $cid;

// Retrieve user info
$user_info = new stdClass();
$user_info->username = $sub->data[$components['username']][0];
$user_info->email = $sub->data[$components['e_mail_address']][0];

// And the rest of your processing...

You can use this method to easily reference the fields stored in the row by field name instead of index number.

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