Monday, January 11, 2010

Installing and configuring daloRADIUS

With FreeRADIUS+MySQL installed, it's now turn to install daloRADIUS; a web-based management system for FreeRADIUS.  Before installation, ensure that Apache, PHP and MySQL have been installed and running.  You'll need PHP PEAR as well.  Use the following command to install the required libs:

# apt-get install php-pear
# pear install DB

Get the latest version of daloRADIUS from  Extract the tarball to /var/www/daloradius.  You'll need to import daloRADIUS DB schema from /var/www/daloradius/contrib/db/mysql-daloradius.sql:

# mysql -u root -p radius < mysql-daloradius.sql

Even after importing the schema, there seems to be a missing table i.e. usergroup.  Get the missing table schema from fr1-mysql-freeradius.sql in the same directory.  Once the table has been imported, edit the /var/www/daloradius/library/daloradius.conf.php for DB access credentials.

Access the daloRADIUS installation via a web browser at http://<hostname>/daloradius.  Login as administrator/radius.

You should now have a working daloRADIUS installation.  


ispyisail said...

Hi Michael

Thanks for the tips

Did you get DaloRADIUS working correctly?

I added a new table

CREATE TABLE usergroup (
UserName varchar(64) NOT NULL default '',
GroupName varchar(64) NOT NULL default '',
priority int(11) NOT NULL default '0',
KEY UserName (UserName(32))
) ;

This fix's any errors But I can't add a new group using daloRADIUS?

Алексей С said...

How uninstall daloRadius from Linux AWS?

Kanye Co Jamila said...

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